Approximately 250,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year in the European agro- and floriculture market. This plastic is in pots, buckets, trays, pot covers, labels and other packaging. The collection, transport and recycling of used plastic waste is a burden on the environment. Moreover, the collection of plastic waste is not always common in Europe.

The Bolayo growing pot replaces the traditional plastic growing pot that is usually made of PP. There are various alternatives for the plastic growing pot on the market, such as the bioplastic PLA, pots made of pressed wood fibers, coconut fibers with latex or molded paper coated with a wax. However, these alternatives all have disadvantages that stand in the way of large-scale application.

Bolayo uses a strong, biobased and biodegradable bio-resin that makes a natural fiber product temporarily resistant to water. We know for sure that this innovation contributes to a circular economy in the agricultural and floriculture industry and that large-scale application is indeed possible.