Bolayo plant pot

Bolayo is the new growing pot developed by WPT Biobased in collaboration with Plantics. The material of the pot is a combination of natural fibers and a patented bio-resin.

The benefits of the Bolayo pot are:

  • The pot is biobased, so from natural, readily available raw materials.
  • The pot is biodegradable, which means that it is compostable if you throw it in the bin for fruit, vegetable and garden waste.
  • The pot has a natural appearance, so that, unlike for example the PLA growing pot, it will not end up in the wrong waste stream.
  • The natural appearance contributes to good communication of the sustainable cultivation concept to the consumer.
  • The pot is very strong and robust due to the combination of paper with bio-resin and is therefore ideally suited for mechanical processing in large-scale horticulture.

Read more about the material, sustainability, plastic-free cultivation and examples on the following pages.