The Bolayo cultivation pot is biobased (made from natural raw materials) and biodegradable (compostable). This makes the Bolayo a completely circular cultivation pot that can be disposed of with the GFT waste after use. Due to the composition of natural fibers and bio-resin, the Bolayo cultivation pot is very robust and rigid, and therefore excellent for mechanical processing in large-scale crops.

Teelttafel met Bolayo teeltpotten

The combination of the fibers and bio-resin ensures that the pot has a natural appearance and does not look like plastic at all. The pot is therefore of added value for the communication of a plastic-free concept and ensures that the plant looks beautiful and natural.

The material from the Bolayo cultivation pot was recently discovered at the University of Amsterdam and patented in various patents. The material has unique properties that make it extremely suitable for applications in the horticultural sector and beyond.