The Plantics company is a spin-off of the invention of a new bio-resin made at the University of Amsterdam. The invented bio-resin is biodegradable and 100% made from materials from renewable sources.

Plantics is engaged in scientific research on this new material and is working with various partners in different branches to develop and market commercial applications. WPT Biobased is the partner for the horticultural sector. Plantics is based in Arnhem and founded by the following people:

Prof. Dr. Gadi Rothenberg

Gabi Rothenberg is a co-inventor of the bio-resin and is a leading researcher in catalysis and sustainable materials. He has published more than 150 articles, co-invented bio-plastic technology (and 13 other patents) and co-founded three spin-off companies: Sorbisense A / S, Yellowdiesel BV and Plantics BV.

Dr. Wridzer Bakker

Wridzer Bakker is CEO of Plantics and has extensive experience with starting up new companies. He is also a member of the Board of Directors (& Executive Vice President 2010-2014) of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. Wridzer is also co-founder and advisor to the board and shareholders of NedStack Fuel Cell Technology BV

Dr. Albert Alberts

Albert Alberts research director of Plantics and co-inventor of the bio-resin. In addition, Albert is co-inventor of bio-plastic technology, co-founder, director and shareholder of Plantics BV. Dr. Alberts has decades of international research experience in (polymer) chemistry.