Questions about growing

Is the Bolayo pot suitable for my plant and cultivation method?

In the short cultivation times (up to 20 weeks) and indoor crops with regulated water supply, the pot has been extensively tested and can be fully deployed. Other applications, such as outdoor cultivation and longer growing times, depend on the situation. Our team can provide advice on the do’s and don’ts with regard to the pot.

Does the pot remain solid and rigid during cultivation?

The pot stays solid and rigid and does not break or tear. Even if it is wet. This is in contrast to various other 100% natural pots.

Is pot sensitive to algae or fungal growth?

Depending on the humidity and temperature (growing conditions), mold or algae may form on this pot. This is a logical consequence of the use of natural materials. For some sales channels this is undesirable, for others it is an advantage. By varying the composition of the resin, the pot can be made suitable for the cultivation in which it is used. Our team can help you optimize the growing method for the pot.

Can I grow in this pot in the same way as in my plastic pot?

Each different growing pot gives different results in similar growing conditions. Tests have shown that the Bolayo growing pot needs a different water policy than a plastic growing pot, because the walls of the pot allow water and air to partially pass through. This means that a different water policy is needed (more water). Tests have shown that this can also have a positive effect on (healthier) root growth. It is therefore important to properly monitor the water policy and other growing conditions in the first batches and adjust them if necessary. The Bolayo team can advise on this issue based on earlier experience.

Can I immediately use this pot on a large scale?

With a new pot it is always wise to first test on a small scale whether the pot functions well in your cultivation automation and methods. Often an destacker, potting machine or expander needs to be adjusted slightly to function optimally. The cultivation conditions, such as water policy, may also have to be adjusted slightly. If the pot is functioning well on a small scale and leads to good crop results, you can scale up. Pilot-based launching often also meets the wishes of the end customer, after which upscaling can take place when the experiences are positive.