Questions about sustainability

What is Bolayo’s sustainability advantage in comparison with other plant pots?

The Bolayo pot made of paper and bio-resin gives between 30% and 50% CO2 reduction compared to a PP plant pot. This depends on whether Chinese or European Polypropylene is used, because the Chinese emits more CO2 emissions during transport.

Is pot certified?

The pot is not yet certified, but several degradability studies have taken place, with good results.

Is pot proven degradable / compostable?

The pot has been tested by the association of waste processors and a composter. In all cases, the pot composted within the standard. Because the official rules for the OK-compost logo change at the end of this year, we will request the official certificate within the new rules.

What is the difference with PLA?

The PLA pots have a thinner wall, break easier and look like plastic. Because PLA looks like plastic, the consumer does not know that it can be disposed of in the GFT container. Pollution of the streams of recycled plastic by bioplastics is a major problem. The natural appearance of the Bolayo pot makes it clearer for consumers where they can be thrown away and contributes to good flows of organic waste and plastic recycling.

What is the difference with recycled plastic?

With recycled plastic, a plastic pot is still used during cultivation. It is known that only 14% of the plastic waste is recycled, so also 86% of the recycled plastic pots end up in the wrong place. That is why we think the prevention of plastic use is important. You can do this by choosing a Bolayo pot.