Questions about the pot

What is the composition of the pot?

The pot consists of a patented composition of natural fibers and bio-resin. These materials consist of natural and freely available materials. The plant pot made from recycled paper is treated with an organic resin from 100% organic material. After use, the pot is compostable.

In what size is the pot available?

The production of the Bolayo pot starts in the common 12 cm pot. In the further roll-out, if there are sufficient numbers, other sizes can be added quickly.

In which color is the pot available?

Pot is available in a light brown shade. This is to emphasize the natural composition.

Is there also a corresponding tray or potcover?

There are currently no other items such as trays or potcovers of the patented material of the Bolayo pot available. The Bolayo team is happy to put you in touch with suppliers of other sustainable trays, labels and potcovers.

Can you print the plant passport on the pot?

Laser printing is possible on the pot at the nursery. Information can also be provided via a label or via the tray. We can explain different methods and advise what is the most suitable method for your plant-pot-tray combination.