Various indicators are important for an indication of the sustainability of a product, such as:

  • influence on climate change, measured in CO2 equivalents
  • influence on acidification, measured in SO2 equivalents
  • use harmful substances
  • influence on eutrophication, measured in N equivalents
  • water consumption
  • circularity
  • etc etc.
The Bolayo cultivation pot in the greenhouse

A good indication of the sustainability of a product is a life cycle analysis, in which the entire process from creation to disposal is calculated on the basis of various sustainability indicators. With a good life cycle analysis, up to 14 indicators can be calculated. It has been calculated for the Bolayo cultivation pot that it does not contribute to eutrophication and has a significantly lower score on CO2 equivalents. This makes the Bolayo cultivation pot an additional sustainable choice in addition to preventing plastic use and circularity.